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Column Verbose Name Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal
is_healthcare_worker Healthcare Worker TEXT
is_age_over_65 Age over 65 TEXT
number None BIGINT
caseid None TEXT
administer_vacccine_upon_side_effects None TEXT
adverse_side_effect_type None TEXT
age_in_years None TEXT
age_in_years_in None TEXT
area_urban_rural None TEXT
beneficiary_alternate_phone_number None TEXT
beneficiary_category None TEXT
beneficiary_contactable None TEXT
beneficiary_country_id None TEXT
beneficiary_district_id None TEXT
beneficiary_eligible None TEXT
beneficiary_first_name None TEXT
beneficiary_full_name None TEXT
beneficiary_id None TEXT
beneficiary_last_name None TEXT
beneficiary_last_updated None TEXT
beneficiary_phone_number None TEXT
beneficiary_side_effects_critical None TEXT
beneficiary_sms_registered None TEXT
beneficiary_state_id None TEXT
beneficiary_vaccination_centre_id None TEXT
comorbidities None TEXT
contact_phone_number None TEXT
country_code None TEXT
date_since_side_effects None TEXT
district None TEXT
vs_name Vaccination Site Name TEXT
dob None TEXT
dob_known None TEXT
gender None TEXT
has_adverse_side_effect None TEXT
is_case_orphan None TEXT
last_dose_received None TEXT
method_of_communication None TEXT
name None TEXT
occupation None TEXT
other_comorbidities None TEXT
other_method_of_communication None TEXT
other_occupation None TEXT
other_reason_of_missing_followup None TEXT
override_eligibility_status None TEXT
owner_id None TEXT
past_covid_date_of_recovery None TEXT
past_covid_days_hospitalised None TEXT
past_covid_positive_status None TEXT
past_covid_ventilator_status None TEXT
past_covid_whether_hospitalised None TEXT
pin_code None TEXT
reason_of_missing_followup None TEXT
resuming_dose None TEXT
side_effect_dose_name_old None TEXT
special_community None TEXT
state None TEXT
street_address None TEXT
vaccination_phase None TEXT
whether_comorbidities None TEXT
whether_eligible None TEXT
closed None BOOLEAN
closed_by_username None TEXT
closed_date None TEXT
last_modified_by_user_username None TEXT
last_modified_date None TEXT
opened_by_username None TEXT
opened_date None TEXT
owner_name None TEXT
case_link None TEXT
case_type None TEXT
closed_by_user_id None TEXT
external_id None TEXT
last_modified_by_user_id None TEXT
opened_by_user_id None TEXT
owner_id1 None TEXT
server_last_modified_date None TEXT
state1 None TEXT
beneficiary_consent None TEXT
beneficiary_covid_positive None TEXT
contact_phone_number_is_verified None TEXT
contact_request_date None TEXT
date_sms_registration None TEXT
language_code None TEXT
side_effect_contact_request None TEXT
side_effect_dose_name None TEXT
beneficiary_stage Beneficiary Stage None
is_comorbid Comorbid Population TEXT
next_followup_date None TEXT
district_name District Name None
state_name State Name TEXT
dose_number Dose Number None
dose_expired Dose Expired TEXT
vaccine_type Vaccine Type None
last_dose_received_date None TEXT
date_of_registration None TEXT
beneficiary_category_label Population Type TEXT
Record Count: 97
Metric Verbose Name Type
count COUNT(*) count
count.registered Total Registered None
count_eligible Eligible None
count_final_dose Final Dose Received None
count.dose.expired Final Dose Expired None
count_first_dose First Dose Received None
count.dose.due Final Dose Due None
Record Count: 7
Table Name person_case
Sql select a.*,SUBSTR(a.last_dose_received,1,6) as vaccine_type,SUBSTR(a.last_dose_received,20,26) as dose_number, b.location_id, as vs_name, b.district_name, b.state_name, b.country_name, b.district_target, b.state_target, b.country_target, b.state_iso_3166_2_code from public.person_case a, vaccine_locations b where a.owner_id =b.location_id and beneficiary_first_name ILIKE '%vs%'
Enable Filter Select False
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database COVID Vaccine Demo
Schema public
Description None
Owners []
Main Datetime Column None
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Perm [COVID Vaccine Demo].[person_case](id:58)
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