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Column Verbose Name Type Groupable Filterable Is temporal
is_a1_a2_gte_14_days is_a1_a2_gte_14_days STRING
id None VARCHAR(255)
caseid None TEXT
name None TEXT
acute_renal_failure None TEXT
acute_respiratory_distress_syndrome None TEXT
additional_notes_ae None TEXT
additional_notes_emergency_contact None TEXT
additional_notes_hospitalization None TEXT
additional_notes_phc None TEXT
altered_consciousness None TEXT
animals_sick_or_dead None TEXT
ards None TEXT
asthma_requiring_medication None TEXT
attended_festival_or_mass_gathering None TEXT
baseline_serum_taken None TEXT
cancer None TEXT
cardiac_failure None TEXT
cause_of_death_on_certificate None TEXT
chills None TEXT
chronic_haematological_disorder None TEXT
chronic_kidney_disease None TEXT
chronic_liver_disease None TEXT
chronic_lung_disease None TEXT
chronic_neurological_impairment_disease None TEXT
conjunctivitis None TEXT
consumptive_coagulopathy None TEXT
contact_suspected_or_confirmed None TEXT
contact_with_emergency_number_hotline None TEXT
contribution_of_covid19_to_death None TEXT
cough None TEXT
current_status None TEXT
data_collector_email_a0 None TEXT
data_collector_email_a1 None TEXT
data_collector_email_a2 None TEXT
data_collector_institution_a0 None TEXT
data_collector_institution_a1 None TEXT
data_collector_institution_a2 None TEXT
data_collector_telephone_number_a0 None TEXT
data_collector_telephone_number_a1 None TEXT
data_collector_telephone_number_a2 None TEXT
date_of_admission_to_hospital None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_discharge_from_icu None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_first_health_facility_visit None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_first_hospitalization None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_icu_admission None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_pneumonia_by_chest_x-ray_started None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_respiratory_sample_collected None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_shortness_of_breath None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
diabetes None TEXT
diarrhoea None TEXT
domestic_travel_cities_visited None TEXT
domestic_travel_end_date None TEXT
domestic_travel_regions_visited None TEXT
domestic_travel_start_date None TEXT
emo_required None TEXT
exposed_to_person_with_similar_illness None TEXT
extracorporeal_membrane_oxygenation_required None TEXT
fatigue None TEXT
festival_mass_gathering_specify None TEXT
fever_or_history_of_fever None TEXT
form_completed_a0 None TEXT
form_completed_a1 None TEXT
form_completed_a2 None TEXT
form_completion_date_a1 None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
further_case_classification None TEXT
has_contacts None TEXT
headache None TEXT
health_centre_address None TEXT
health_centre_fax None TEXT
health_centre_telephone_number None TEXT
heart_disease None TEXT
hiv_or_other_immune_deficiency None TEXT
hospitalization None TEXT
hospitalization_ever_required None TEXT
hospitalization_health-care_interaction None TEXT
hospitalization_required None TEXT
hypotension_requiring_vasopressors None TEXT
icu_admission None TEXT
icu_required None TEXT
if_yes_specify None TEXT
inpatient_specifics None TEXT
international_travel_cities_visited None TEXT
international_travel_end_date None TEXT
international_travel_regions_visited None TEXT
international_travel_start_date None TEXT
joint_ache None TEXT
length_of_ventilation_calc None TEXT
length_of_ventilation_days None TEXT
location_facility None TEXT
location_of_animal_contact None TEXT
location_of_exposure None TEXT
location_of_exposure_animals_environment None TEXT
loss_of_appetite None TEXT
max_temp_c None TEXT
mechanical_ventilation None TEXT
mechanical_ventilation_required None TEXT
mechanical_ventilation_start None TEXT
mechanical_ventilation_stop None TEXT
muscle_aches None TEXT
name_and_place_of_hospital None TEXT
name_of_data_collector_a0 None TEXT
name_of_data_collector_a1 None TEXT
name_of_data_collector_a2 None TEXT
name_of_health-care_centre None TEXT
name_of_hospital None TEXT
name_of_treating_physician None TEXT
nature_of_contact None TEXT
nausea None TEXT
nose_bleed None TEXT
number_secondary_infections None TEXT
number_serology_tests None TEXT
number_virology_tests None TEXT
obesity None TEXT
occupation_location_facility_pt_id None TEXT
opened_by_username None TEXT
organ_or_bone_marrow_recipient None TEXT
other_a0 None TEXT
other_a1 None TEXT
other_a2 None TEXT
other_complications None TEXT
other_complications_specify None TEXT
other_location_of_animal_contact None TEXT
other_location_of_exposure None TEXT
other_location_of_exposure_animals_environment None TEXT
other_neurological_signs None TEXT
other_neurological_signs_specify None TEXT
other_occupation None TEXT
other_occupation_pt_id None TEXT
other_pre-existing_conditions None TEXT
other_respiratory_sample None TEXT
other_samples_collected None TEXT
other_symptoms None TEXT
other_symptoms_specify None TEXT
outbreak_specify None TEXT
outcome None TEXT
outcome_current_as_of_date None TEXT
outcome_current_as_of_date_other None TEXT
outcome_status None TEXT
outpatient_specifics None TEXT
part_of_an_institutional_outbreak None TEXT
patient_address None TEXT
patient_age_months None TEXT
patient_age_unknown None TEXT
patient_age_years None TEXT
patient_case_status None TEXT
patient_country_of_residence None TEXT
patient_date_of_birth None TEXT
patient_date_of_birth_unknown None TEXT
patient_email None TEXT
patient_ethnicity None TEXT
patient_exposed_by_products None TEXT
patient_exposed_to_animals_in_the_environment None TEXT
patient_family_name None TEXT
patient_first_name None TEXT
patient_handled_animals None TEXT
patient_name_last_first None TEXT
patient_national_social_number_identifier None TEXT
patient_nationality None TEXT
patient_nursery_school_college None TEXT
patient_occupation None TEXT
patient_occupation_pt_id None TEXT
patient_responsible_health_centre None TEXT
patient_sex None TEXT
patient_telephone_mobile_number None TEXT
patient_visited_live_animal_market None TEXT
patient_was_ever_hospitalized None TEXT
pneumonia_by_chest_x-ray None TEXT
pneumonia_x_ray None TEXT
postmortem_performed None TEXT
postmortem_results None TEXT
pregnancy None TEXT
rash None TEXT
reason_a0 None TEXT
reason_a1 None TEXT
reason_a2 None TEXT
respondent_address_a0 None TEXT
respondent_address_a2 None TEXT
respondent_date_of_birth_a0 None TEXT
respondent_date_of_birth_a1 None TEXT
respondent_date_of_birth_a2 None TEXT
respondent_family_name_a0 None TEXT
respondent_family_name_a1 None TEXT
respondent_family_name_a2 None TEXT
respondent_first_name_a0 None TEXT
respondent_first_name_a1 None TEXT
respondent_first_name_a2 None TEXT
respondent_name_last_first_a1 None TEXT
respondent_name_last_first_a2 None TEXT
respondent_relationship_to_patient_a0 None TEXT
respondent_relationship_to_patient_a1 None TEXT
respondent_relationship_to_patient_a2 None TEXT
respondent_respondent_address_a1 None TEXT
respondent_sex_a0 None TEXT
respondent_sex_a1 None TEXT
respondent_sex_a2 None TEXT
respondent_telephone_mobile_number_a0 None TEXT
respondent_telephone_mobile_number_a1 None TEXT
respondent_telephone_mobile_number_a2 None TEXT
runny_nose None TEXT
seizures None TEXT
shortness_of_breath None TEXT
sore_throat None TEXT
specified_by_products None TEXT
specified_live_animal_market None TEXT
specify_other_pre-existing None TEXT
specify_trimester None TEXT
temperature_na None TEXT
total_health_facilities_visited_to_date None TEXT
total_health_facilities_visited_to_date_other None TEXT
traditional_healer_type None TEXT
traveled_domestically None TEXT
traveled_internationally None TEXT
type_and_number None TEXT
type_of_respiratory_sample None TEXT
types_of_animals_handled None TEXT
types_of_animals_in_that_environment None TEXT
unique_case_id None TEXT
visit_to_primary_healthcare None TEXT
visited_emergency_department None TEXT
visited_or_admitted_inpatient None TEXT
visited_outpatient None TEXT
visited_traditional_healer None TEXT
vomiting None TEXT
which_samples None TEXT
closed None TEXT
last_modified_by_user_username None TEXT
owner_name None TEXT
case_link None TEXT
date_ards_started None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_emergency_department_visit_unknown None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_baseline_serum_taken None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_first_symptom_onset None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_pneumonia_x_ray None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
form_completion_date_a0 None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_discharge_from_hospital None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_first_ae_contact None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_symptoms_resolved None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
form_completion_date_a2 None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_last_contact None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
date_of_first_phc_contact None TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE
patient_location None TEXT
patient_location_lat None TEXT
patient_location_lon None TEXT
patient_location_lon_decimal patient_location_lon_decimal NUMERIC
patient_location_lat_decimal patient_location_lat_decimal NUMERIC
Record Count: 251
Metric Verbose Name Type
count COUNT(*) None
Record Count: 1
Table Name covid_19_case
Sql None
Enable Filter Select False
Fetch Values Predicate None
Database Covid Demo
Schema None
Description None
Owners []
Main Datetime Column date_of_first_symptom_onset
Default Endpoint None
Offset 0
Cache Timeout None
SQL Lab View False
Template parameters None
Perm [Covid Demo].[covid_19_case](id:1)
Associated Charts [Daily New Cases, Confirmed, Cases Over Time, Map of Cases, % of cases followed up (A2), % Cases Hospitalized, Suspected, Cases Over Time, % of cases followed up (A2), Suspected, Confirmed, Daily New Cases, Map of Cases, % Cases Hospitalized]